Look out, McDonald’s

McDonald’s, the hamburger chain, is in big trouble! Oi!
First, the American Family Association has called for a boycott of the chain by anyone concerned about AFA’s definition of “family-values.” Why? Because by AFA’s estimation, McDonald’s has not “remained neutral” in the Culture Wars by “promoting the homosexual agenda.” In other words, McDonald’s does not abide by the demands of anti-gay forces such as AFA to not support in any way positive images of or groups related to gay people. The crime – McDonald’s sponsors events and contributes money to gay causes (this time, specifically the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce).
Anything or anyone that does not side with AFA in its anti-gay agenda or capitulate to its demands is considered non-neutral, biased, or radical. Convenient, isn’t it? They do know what “neutral” really means, but they spin the word for their own effect to try to manipulate people to their partisan, sectarian cause. It is a shame when so-called Christian groups do this kind of thing – just aping the worst of the world system.
It now seems that the “socially responsible” mutual fund, the Timothy Plan, has declared that they will no longer include McDonald’s stock in their portfolio. Here is what they say, according to source (I can’t find anything on The Timothy Plan website):

The president of a pro-family values mutual fund company says the extreme actions of McDonald’s has forced the investment firm to publicly clarify that its portfolios won’t include any stock in the worldwide hamburger retailer.
Timothy Plan’s socially responsible investing includes screening of companies whose revenues or actions support pornography, abortion, anti-family entertainment, or promotion of non-married lifestyles. But Art Ally, president of the investment company, says his group normally does not spotlight or publish notices on businesses they screen out. In this case, however, he says the Timothy Plan could not stay silent when McDonald’s went “over the edge.”
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The politicized Christian-right really has made an idol out of homosexuality, just like it’s predecessors did out of Communism in the 70’s and 80’s. Fear mongering does tend to help raise money and gather legions of followers to your cause.

Heavy weights

It seems that major players are coming forward to push for a dramatic change from business as usual with regard to energy usage in the U.S.
Thomas Friedman has a new book entitled: Hot, Flat, and Crowded. Wired Magazine has an article about his call for a change in the way we all deal with this stuff.

Thomas Friedman is about to dive into the green-tech fray. In his latest book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, the multi-Pulitzer-winning journalist says everyone needs to accept that oil will never be cheap again and that wasteful, polluting technologies cannot be tolerated. The last big innovation in energy production, he observes, was nuclear power half a century ago; since then the field has stagnated. “Do you know any industry in this country whose last major breakthrough was in 1955?” Friedman asks. According to the book, US pet food companies spent more on R&D last year than US utilities did. “The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone,” he says. Likewise, the climate-destroying fossil-fuel age will end only if we invent our way out of it. (emphasis mine)

Then there is T. Boone Pickens’ plan. Recently, NBC refused to air his most recent commercial, the latest in a series where Pickens advocates for reducing our dependence on foreign oil by increasing our production of wind power and natural gas.
Here is the “Iran” commercial that is causes the rouse.