Wrong choice

Joe Biden is a mistake! Talk about going backwards – picking someone of the “old school” (and this time “old school” isn’t a cool thing).
I would never have voted for Biden if he won the Democratic nomination when he ran to be the party’s candidate years ago, and this choice by Obama will pull many non-committed, independent, or Republicans leaning toward him away from supporting the Obama campaign.
I just don’t know why he chose Biden. It really puts a bump in the road for me, even though I know that traditionally the Vice President does little. Biden knows what he is talking about – he is smart – I just don’t like the way he goes about his business.
I wonder why Biden accepted, also. At this point in his political career. It seems to be that he would have far more “power” in the Senate than he will in the office of the Vice President. Does he really want to play the “attach dog” role?
I don’t know. Maybe I am completely wrong.