Harry Potter and Jacob

I feel like I should be posting something…
Has anyone noticed how Harry Potter and Jacob (son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham) are a lot alike?
I celebrated at a different parish this past Sunday (yesterday).
At one point, I equated Harry Potter with Jacob wrestling…
I explained that the reason I brought up Harry Potter is because to a generation of people, Harry Potter exerts a great deal of influence upon their understanding of their times. They see in Harry and Ron and Hermione, themselves. They see their own life stories in the characters of the Harry Potter books.
Scripture used to play that kind of role for far more people than it does, today. People much more easily experienced the stories of Scripture by seeing themselves in the lives of the characters of the Bible. The West made Scripture into an object to examine and deconstruct, rather than seeing a story through which we better understand ourselves. We have to prove it, rather than feel it. People feel Harry Potter. They don’t have to deconstruct or prove anything.
We lost the forest because we focus so much on twigs.
Kind of like the different between Latin and Sanskrit.