Prayers, or something

This was a comment made by a women on a website for new software that “cleans up” our iTunes library. I cracked up!

“thank the lawd bb jesus for this one. can’t wait for the mac version because my itunes definitely needs a tune up. forrr sho’.”

I have to remember that, “Thank the lawd bb jesus!” Almost like “weejus” prayers I learned about while doing “CPE” (Clinical Pastoral Education) as a chaplain in a hospital during seminary. What are “weejus” prayers, you might ask? Well…
“Lawd bb jesus, weejus ask that you take care of sister…”

Kirstin Dehaan

Had a very nice conversation with her and her friend/boyfriend/husband(?) one evening a couple weeks ago, by chance, eating good pasta on the bar at Fragole.
She is in Berlin about now, on tour.

Kirstin Dehaan

Under the Richter Scale – Russian Roulette

And I’m screamin’ cause no one’s listening
To our children whose eyes are watching
Oh we’re defining what’s worth living
Should be deceiving or should we be giving
Oh I’m begging for a little