I’m not sure what I

I’m not sure what I am feeling this morning. My neck is stiff, and has been for a while now. Not sure why. There is this nagging desire and thought in the back of my mind that I need to get serious about working out, eating right, and focusing on moving forward in discipline in all aspects of my life. It is the end of March. It is too easy for me to not be determined to do certain things and always come up with an excuse for not doing that thing — working out, for example. Not that I’m obsessed with my body, but I do want to be disciplined. In that discipline, I simply will be fit.
Well, Kent State’s basketball team did well this year. I’m glad to see them go so far. The last game, against Indiana during the Elite 8 round of games, was a good game, but Indiana was just on that night. They did everything right — no way Kent could have overcome their game. Still, our boys played well and were within 7 points of beating Indiana during the last 4 minutes of the game. Kent pride — sounds so odd!
Staff I know that went to the games in Lexington said that had a great time — everything was so surreal.

How about those Golden Flashes!

How about those Golden Flashes! Remarkable. I didn’t get to see the game yesterday due to going to see a play in Canton — The Sum of Us. It was well done. I got to listen to the end of the first half on my way back home in Akron. Coming into work this morning, everyone decked-out in blue and gold, the staff seemed a bit out-of-it. Not enough sleep, they said, after watching a VERY exciting game that went into overtime. Kent beat Pittsburgh!
I made it home around 10:45 pm and thought about going to the Highland Theater in my neighborhood. The theater (more of a art-house movie/performance venue/with a bar inside type theater) showed the game on the big screen for free last night. I think it would have been an exciting place to watch the game, but I wimped out and went home to bed. I should have watched the game!
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Kent is in the Sweet

Kent is in the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in it’s history. (I work at Kent State, by the way.) We’ve been in the NCAA playoffs the last three seasons, or maybe two seasons, I’m not sure. To be honest, I really don’t follow college basketball all that closely, even Kent’s team. Let me try again — I really don’t follow college sports AT ALL. But this year, this is a different matter. It is so odd to actually feel an honest excitement about one of our sports teams! Of course, every new fall term there is this attempt to hype the football team in order to build school spirit, etc., especially for the freshmen. Everyone knows it’s an almost futile attempt, although the football team has actually won a few games the last couple of years! Anyway, tonight at 10:00 pm in Lexington, Kent plays Pittsburgh. Wouldn’t it be something if they win! We shall see….
Of course, there is blue and gold every where around campus today. The bookstore and sports shop can’t keep sweet sixteen t-shirts and ball-caps in stock. Going for coffee this morning in the student center, I actually saw students buying bunches of Kent stuff to wear. It’s actually kind of neat, although strange. Go Kent! Funny, how that sounds.

I was sicker then a

I was sicker then a dog yesterday. Bluh, bluh, bluh. Monday night it started with a slight sore throat, then yesterday it hit — achy, feverish, chilled, headachy but luckily nothing messy. Today, all better – yeah! I really don’t know what it was, but I suspect just a 24-hour flu.
I had dinner with John on Monday. It was a nice time. Monday was only the third time I’ve seen him in three years (all three times within the past six months). There was certainly reasons why I was once in a relationship with him. Despite all that happened, there is definitely part of me that would still like to be in a relationship with him. I really don’t know how he feels, and I know he would have had to grown up a lot, changed a lot, realized a lot, before I would return to a relationship. But, man, did I love him — and in many ways still do.

Well, I went to the

Well, I went to the bone specialist again today to follow-up on my MRI and Bone-Scan from last week. These are the second series of films taken of my right femur, on which is a small spot or bump. All the films came back unchanged from the first series. No one seemed to know what the bump was, until I received a diagnosis of Calcific Tendonitis from a dedicated bone radiologist at University Hospitals in Cleveland.
As some may know from my journal entries, this problem kept me from moving to New York City to begin seminary last September. All the medical tests to make sure it wasn’t cancer cut too deeply into the semester.
No cancer. Nothing series. I’m thankful for the whole affair and life goes on.