The Analytical vs. The Creative

These past three years have been tough ones.  I have no idea of the what and why of the goings on, but I’ve endured them… not quite sure yet whether I’m worse for wear or whether I will end up strengthened.

One thing I do know, now that I’m able to more favorably move forward, I’ve got to get to a place where life isn’t simply dressing or mechanically moving from one thing to another.  I’m in a position right now that all is analytical, and while I have done and continue to do analytical stuff, I am much more of a creative type person than anything else.  Heck, even coding for me is a creative endeavor.

I’ve got to get back to the creative.  If I don’t, I’m going to go nuts.  I’ve got to find balance in my life, and right now I’m not sure how to do that.

2013 moves into 2014 – what will change?  Up to me, I suppose.

A New Year Cometh…

The eve of a new year is upon us.  I wonder, sometimes, how open we are to whatever-may-come.  Are we more apt to rigidly attempt to force life into a mold of our own imagining, perhaps because of fear or intimidation or weariness or confusion or insecurity or, perhaps, due to being lost to our own humanity, an honest sense-of-self, lost to our own possibilities?

We limit ourselves, terribly, I suppose. We limit our ability to love – and I think more significantly our ability to receive love.  What does it mean to be fearfully and wonderfully made?  Where along the line have we bought the lie that our consumerist culture peddles, and that we as a people soak up lock, stock, and barrel?

If we imagine ourselves to be free, particularly of the fear of what we cannot know or control, free from even the fear of death, then where do limits exist in understanding the potential and possibilities existing all around us?

If only we take one step, if only we run the race set before us, if only we decide to move beyond the boundaries of our own creation, then why limit ourselves and capitulate to whatever binds up our hope, our lives?  What can we discover in this new year if our imaginations are set loose to run free and run wild?  God’s peace and blessing we with us all, I pray. Happy 2014!