I’m not sure what I

I’m not sure what I am feeling this morning. My neck is stiff, and has been for a while now. Not sure why. There is this nagging desire and thought in the back of my mind that I need to get serious about working out, eating right, and focusing on moving forward in discipline in all aspects of my life. It is the end of March. It is too easy for me to not be determined to do certain things and always come up with an excuse for not doing that thing — working out, for example. Not that I’m obsessed with my body, but I do want to be disciplined. In that discipline, I simply will be fit.
Well, Kent State’s basketball team did well this year. I’m glad to see them go so far. The last game, against Indiana during the Elite 8 round of games, was a good game, but Indiana was just on that night. They did everything right — no way Kent could have overcome their game. Still, our boys played well and were within 7 points of beating Indiana during the last 4 minutes of the game. Kent pride — sounds so odd!
Staff I know that went to the games in Lexington said that had a great time — everything was so surreal.

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