The City #24

Okay, I’m getting to work a little late today because of a blood test (cholesteral). Coming out of the subway on 6th and 40th, by Bryant Park, suddenly the line up the steps stop. There is a crowd, and I think, “What is going on?” Finally, I’m getting closer to the top and I hear all kinds of screaming and hoards of people. Then I though, “Oh, yeah, its the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series in Bryant Park – they do this every Friday.
There is a cop right there at the subway exit blocking entrance to the sidewalk leading east along 40th St., across the street from the park. I had to actually show my work ID to get through the barricades.
Swarms of pre-pubescent girls everywhere – all texting like mad, all taking photos of themselves and their friends with their cell phones. I guess they started lining up last night. They had sleeping bags. I wondered why, on the way home last night, GMA and Bryant Park had all kinds of extra barricades and “General Admission Signs” all over.
It’s the Jonas Brothers! Damn Nickelodeon, or is it Disney?
Overheard: “I’ve got to get home. I’ve been up 24 hours.” That isn’t so bad, but as I turned the corner onto 5th Ave…. Okay, I’m four stories up in CPG and on the other side of the block and I hear them screaming… anyway, I turned the corner and there was a bus for, I guess, the brothers, girls everyone. They were kissing the bus. They were actually kissing… the… bus.
Well, there you go. A “typical” day in the City. By the way, Feist certainly didn’t get this kind of attention. Hum….