Saw, again…

So, like an idiot I went to see “Saw V” yesterday. Why? Because it is Halloween week and I’m stupid. Now, the first “Saw,” while a bit disturbing because of the gore, was nevertheless a pretty good psychological thriller (if that is the right word). In its own twisted way, it was about the possibility of redemption and the dynamics that can go into realizing the stark and fatal consequences of our “sins” and our choices. This is the kind of redemption that Jesus may have offered if he suffered from ‘roid-rage.
Well, really, version “V?” Did I really think that the movie would be worth seeing in its fifth sequel? No, not really, but I thought it might be cheesy enough and a “frightful” beginning to Halloween. Saw V, wasn’t.
Of course, I absolutely love “The Simpson’s” Halloween special episodes… can’t wait!. I wonder what a “Reno 911” version of a Halloween episode might be like?