The more information we have…

I strongly believe that in order to form solid opinions, we need to be aware of and even seek out information even when that information will disagree with what we want to believe.
In our current political climate, the analysis of double-speak issued out of the two campaigns over anything and everything can be wearying, but to have an informed electorate (which is diminishing in quantity these days, sadly) we need to have exacting analysis of the proposals and positions of both candidates and their campaigns.
This analysis of Obama’s middle-class “tax cut,” from the Wall Street Journal (which is obviously more conservative and completely reliable):
Obama’s 95% Illusion: It depends on what the meaning of ‘tax cut’ is
“Wealth transfer” or “redistribution” favored by Democrats, generally, has not been or will not be any more effective in the long run that has been the deregulated profit-at-whatever-costs policies favored by the Republicans, generally, over the last 20+ years. Taking care of the poor and needy should be the domain of the religious communities, with the assistance of government, and not the other way around.