What to do, what to do….

I’ve been offered a new position. In so many aspects, it is perfect – an ideal means and place of ministry and in so many ways what I’ve been hoping for. Unexpectantly, and to a great degree sadly, I don’t want to go! It would mean upturning my entire life and for what will probably not be a permanent place.
So many good things about it. Great people. Good vision. Financially secure. Open. I will have (could have if accepted) a great deal of freedom and will be able to impact a good many lives for the sake of the Gospel.
I want to stay where I am (ministry) even though it will mean keeping my “day job” which sucks up my best time, even though it may well mean giving up on ever getting another opportunity to have my “dream job.”
It is nice to be “in demand” – there and here. I’m truly torn.
In 5 years, no matter what decision I make, in hindsight I will know whether it was good and wise and right. Now, God may now but He isn’t telling, and I’m caught in the same position I’ve been in so many times.
I’ve learned to trust that “still small voice.” Yet, I know that many, many things can impede the right “hearing” of the voice. My gut tells me I want to stay where I am, yet my mind tells me that this is an opportunity that is too good to turn down.
If you want to say a prayer for me, for wisdom and good discernment, I would appreciate it.
This may sound sappy, but I believe it, I want what is best for those people in that ministry and while I feel I can do a good job I am under no illusions that I am God’s gift to anyone. If at the moment I have no sense of leading to go, despite the ideal conditions, and if at the moment I desire to stay where I am, despite the less than ideal circumstances, what does that say? I really hate being in these situations!
It does them no good and it does me no good to judge these kinds of things as the “world” does. If I did, then I should jump at the opportunity, but I desire God’s will (if there is a specific “will” in this case).

Hum, perhaps…

When I left Northeast Ohio to attend seminary, my state seemed to take a turn politically and socially in a direction that caused me to not recognize my own state.
Then, there is this suggestion:

Well, I would probably include Toledo and Bowling Green in the mix.