Christianity and Islam

“Bishop Geralyn Wolf of the Diocese of Rhode Island has inhibited the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding for publicly professing her adherence to the Muslim faith.” Source: Episcopal News Service
The more I know about Bishop Wolf the more respect I have for her. I wish Ms. Redding the best in her faith journey and respect her decision, made with integrity. I may disagree with it, but I respect it.
Bishop Wolf’s comment about the Church wanting to be diverse and inclusive is true, but there does come a point where the Church needs to say, “No.” This “no” need not be made in anger or hubris, but in recognition that the directions in which we take ourselves may take us outside the umbrella of this Church. That is our freedom by our own decision, respectfully. We are Christ-followers, not Mohammad followers despite what can be learned within the Muslim system.
We are Christian, and to have a respect for and understanding of the integrity of the two faiths bring us in humility to recognize that priestly responsibilities cannot be exercised within both faiths simultaneously, the priest being so bifurcated, with esteem given to both and to those seeking Christ. Whether we like it or not, Jesus explained to us that it is through him alone that we come to his Father, God. As a priest in this Church, I am called to make such a proclamation, with respect given to those choosing to follow Mohammad. IMHO.