Tell me where I am wrong!

Okay, so I’ve been having this ongoing debate/discussion/whatever-it-might-be-called on a post at Titueonenine.
What have I said that is contrary to the Word of God or the way we should be responding and reacting to one another as followers of Christ? I realize that most of the Church universal will disagree with those who call for a re-evaluation of how the Church has traditionally interpreted the few verses of Scripture that have been traditionally considered relevant for the debate over homosexuality. That is a given. What about the rest of it?

The City #4

Well, Lord & Taylor is getting ready for Christmas, already. The lights are going up outside their main mid-town story. Time continues on…
This morning, I can say is the first time someone on the street has called me a “fucking pervert!” Pardon my language. I was walking along and saw this youngish lady walking briskly towards me. Nothing unusual about that. I noticed that her face looked hard; hard in the sense of someone who isn’t happy unless they are complaining or perceive themselves to be unhappy – ya know what I mean. Anyway, she was nicely dressed and all-things-considered not bad looking.
So, as we passed each other the coat (I presume) she was carrying and slightly flinging by her side hit my leg. No big deal, right? Well, all of a sudden I hear, “Watching it you fucking pervert.”
I just ignored her and walk on, but I thought, “If she only knew.” Frankly, if she did know that I would be almost the last person who would be acting perversely towards her, she still would have hurled some sort of invective towards me.