I went to ex-gaywatch’s website to see how the whole Foley issue was being addressed, and I came across this new report written by Jim Burroway and published on Turtle Box Bulletin.
From the website:

The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing The Myths is a parody. It was modeled after various pamphlets, books, CDs and videos produced by Agape Press, the American Family Association, Americans for Truth, the Center for Reclaiming America, Concerned Women for America, the Corporate Research Council, Exodus, the Family Research Council, the Family Research Institute, Focus on the Family, Ignatius Press, the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), Renew America, the Traditional Values Coalition, World Net Daily, and so many other organizations, publishers and authors too numerous to mention.

He spent the last year or so investigating how the Religious Right uses their “research” to campaign against gay people. He wondered what might result if he used the same processes and methods of “research” the Religious Right uses to present their “scientific findings” against gays and applied them to straights. He wrote a fairly extensive report in pdf format entitled, “The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing the Myths,” playing off similar titles used by the Religious Right supposedly exposing the “homosexual agenda” to subvert the American family, to destroy marriage, to take away the rights of Christians, and bring down Western Civilization.