iPod Shuffle – 11:30 am

What was given to me this morning by my iPod. It is so giving and demands so little!
1. Sarah McLauchlan, Ice Cream, from ‘Fumbling Towards Ecstasy’
2. Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight, Tonight. from ‘Rotten Apples: Greatest Hits’
3. Sarah McLauchlin, Wear Your Love Like Heaven, from ‘Solace’
4. Sufjan Stevens, Romulus, from ‘Greetings from Michigan…’
5. Natalie Imbruglia, Good Bye, from ‘White Lillies Island’
6. Suzanne Vega, Songs in Red and Gray, from ‘Songs in Red and Gray’
7. Sarah Brightman, Scarborough Fair, from ‘La Luna’
8. Wilson Philips, Impulsive, from ‘Wilson Philips’
9. Joi, Everybody Say Yeah, from ‘One and One is One’
10. Eastmountainsouth, Mark’s Song, from ‘Eastmountainsouth’

Subway Observation #3

Yesterday, I was riding the “F” train back to Brooklyn. Around 32nd. St., I noticed on the other end of the train another guy in a clergy collar. “Hum,” I thought, “I wonder who he is.”
Through the next couple of stops and as the congestion lightened a bit on the train, the other guy came closer. Finally, we introduced ourselves. He had on an “Anglican style” collar, so I figured him to be an Episcopalian or perhaps a Lutheran.
He asked, “Roman or Episcopalian?”
He is a Roman Catholic priest, pastor of a parish, and was just returning from the meeting with the Archbishop of this archdiocese of all clergy concerning the anonymous letter of no confidence. He said it was not a nice meeting and the archbishop made a number of enemies that day.
I don’t think I have ever seen another clergy person in a collar on the subway, other than other clerics I am with at the time. It is strange, and I was surprised to feel like, “Oh, another one of me!”


An interesting post and article on Pontifications about the use the term “Godself” as a non-gender specific variant of the the traditional pronoun “himself.” I could say, rather: the attempted enforcement of political-correctness by a small group of people who think that refering to God in the masculine encourages violence to women – or even wife-beating, so says some Church of England clergy. As the Ponficator writes, send in the folks of Monty Python – this is all getting a bit silly.
Read the article.
via Titusonenine
On the other hand, this need among some to make sure that we never refer to God in any way but the masculine is equally problematic, and in my humble opinion absurd. God, in creating us in His/Her/Godsown image, created us male and female. Doesn’t that suggest that God is both and neither exclusively?
I tend to think that we simply cannot competently or correctly demand God be what we want God to be. I may use “He,” with a capital H, but that doesn’t mean I must believe God is completely male. It doesn’t mean I cannot accommodate those who refer to God in the feminine, except maybe when those other people insist that the only way I can refer to God is the way they demand I refer to God. Ya know what I mean? God is my father in heaven, therefore I image God in the masculine, but that’s just me.