iPod Shuffle – 10:00 am

Here are the songs given to me by my iPod set on “Suffle.” I’m not quite sure why my iPod keeps givning me, generally, the same artists over and over again since I’ve got far more than these lists seem to suggest. Go figure.
1. Sufjan Stevens, Romulus, from ‘Greetings from Michigan…’
2. Skott Freedman, Been Waiting For, from ‘Some Company’
3. Kate Bush, You’re The One, from ‘The Red Shoes’
4. Sigur Ros, Gong, from ‘Takk’
5. Various Artists, Down To The River To Pray, from ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’
6. Rick Astley, Cry For Help, from ‘Free’
7. Smashing Pumpkins, Untitled, from ‘Rotten Apples:Greatest Hits’
8. Cowboy Junkies, ‘Cause Cheap Is How I Feel, from ‘Best of the Cowboy Junkies’
9. Sarah McLauchlan, I Love You, from ‘Surfacing’
10. Halloween, Alaska, All The Arms Around You, from ‘Halloween, Alaska’
11. Sugay, Changes, from ‘Copper Blue’
Fr. Jim Tucker of Dappled Things:

The rules, for bloggers who want to play:
Get your ipod or media-player of choice, select your whole music collection, set the thing to shuffle (i.e., randomized playback), then post the first ten songs that come out. No cheating, no matter how stupid it makes you feel!

Can we fully imagine God?

Fr. Jake references a critique of a new book, and then offers comments on the relationship between they mystery of God, our limited ability to understand God in His fullness, and those who demand an absolutist system of belief and how secular atheists tend to stereotype all Christians according to the very conservative and absolutist sort. It is an interesting post. Read it, if you will.