Reaccuring Themes

I’ve been journaling online for around six years now and before “blogging” came into vogue. Over that time, patterns and themes developed and it’s interesting to discover those things which continue to come up time and again. For third party readers, these themes may be obvious, but they are not so obvious to those who possess them – me in this case.
Anyway, I will continue to repeat myself as I continue to try to work through some of these thoughts of mine. I try to put into words the jumble of ideas and questions that race through my mind, never being really satisfied that I’ve hit on the right words or the phrase or the right thought progression; so, I try again and again. I know I’m not brilliant, I’m not an intellectual, and not very original, but still I’m hardly ever settled with what I’ve put down in words. I’m never satisfied.
I think that is the M.O. of my thought life. I think I try and try to figure ways of understanding and reconciling various aspects of life, particularly concerning issues of our faith and social structures. I keep saying that the way and cause of Jesus is not conservative or liberal, but the way of Jesus is always a third way. So what the heck is this “third way?” Herein lays the quandary, the quest, the frustration, and the excitement.
More to come…