GC 2006

General Convention is fast approaching. The rhetoric from some quarters is definitely heating up.
I am very nervous. There are those who honestly think that this will all blow over and nothing particularly harmful will happen, aside from some blowing off of steam. I can’t buy that. I know the mindset of the reactionaries too well, and for them this is the line drawn in the sand. I am fearful that a large number, although not the majority, will move to leave the Church after the convention.
I am hoping that sanity will prevail and an honest Anglican spirit will have the day. I am prepared, however, for the worst. If the worst does happen, I suspect I (and those like me) will become the new “conservatives.” I really don’t want such a title, but if the current conservatives leave, then I guess the moderates become the new conservatives.
Alan Jones, the dean of the Cathedral in San Francisco, wrote a book recently published laying out his ideas of Anglican orthodoxy. I’ve only read the first few pages of the introduction, but I think this is going to be a very good book. Finally, it seems thus far, someone is writing in a way that I can strongly affirm. A middle way, a via media, seems to be his MO. I am hoping this may be the book that gives voice to the vast middle ground of the Church.