On the Move

I am about ready to leave for General Convention in Columbus. I am nervous. I am nervous that this Anglican treasure that I discovered is about to implode. I am nervous that the extremist forces on both sides of the issues will pull apart this Church and then the Communion. I am nervous that something valuable to The Church universal will be lost – a valuable thing that is largely unnoticed in world Christianity as a whole.
The spirit of Anglicanism may live on (well, it will in me and others I know), but this notion of a world communion, of an expression of Christianity that freely allows questions, doubts and the divergence of opinion and piety as we all move closer to a truer and more honest understanding of ourselves as humans and of God, may not live on in a formal sense.
A “fundamentalism” has risen in all areas of our society worldwide – both from the right/conservative and left/liberal perspectives. Political, social, and religious “fundamentalism” that will not entertain that their ideas and/or actions may be wrong no matter how sincerely they are held or undertaken – no humility. A “fundamentalism” that is determined to wipe out opposing opinions and ways-of-doing-things concerning the good and proper formulations of social, political, and theological theories or practices – an extreme arrogance.
Without debate, trust, respect, and compromise, democracy is impossible. Anglicanism is impossible without a willingness to sit down at the table and believe that our opponents are of good will and are honestly seeking God as best they can, no matter how divergent our opinions.
Gotta go. I’m hoping to post throughout convention, if I have the time. Of course, my opinions are my own and do not reflect the positions of anyone or any organization I may work for, serve, or represent in other venues!