100-year plan, just like the Chinesse

Some of Andrew Sullivan’s comments on Glen Beck’s (Fox News commentator) coming proposals to save American.

No wonder Palin feels a kindred spirit. The two of them represent the degenerate expression of cliches that used to be ideas (and ideas worth retaining and adjusting to new circumstances). But the vessel for rethinking will not come from proud ignoramuses and populist Elmer Gantrys. It will not come from reiterating propaganda but from confronting unpleasant facts about conservatism’s recent catastrophic failures and mistakes.
They’re not thinking; they’re emoting.
They’re not engaged in reforming conservatism; they’re engaged in escapist denialism about real problems.
They are a sign of profound cultural sickness, not resurgent political and civic health.

Speaking as one who is more progressive-conservative/libertarian, I couldn’t agree more with Sullivan’s last sentence.