Convention wrap-up made the TEC press

So, in the Episcopal Life Online edition this morning, in the section reporting on what is happening at diocesan conventions, here is this “paragraph” (sentence) among the discription of what happened at the Long Island convention:

“The bishop announced the creation of a three-year Red Hook, Brooklyn Project, a model community and liturgical ministry as well as residence where the spiritual needs of people can be met.”

That’s me. I am privileged to begin a project to situate the doings of the Church (liturgy/worship, discipleship/formation, the cure of souls, good works) within the contexts of Postmodernism and Post-Christendom among generations that are primarily unchurched and unimpressed with the institutions of American Christianity.

Leadership like babies

“The world of grown-ups used to be called conservative until the supply-siders and neocons jumped the shark.” Andrew Sullivan, today as a comment on the Froma Harrop review of Bruce Bartlett’s new book, “The New American Economy: The Failure of Reaganomics and a New Way Forward“, entitled, “The Party of Fiscal Babies.”

“Welcome to the world of grownups, where tax cuts don’t magically pay for themselves — and where middle-class people must pay more for middle-class benefits. When it comes to addressing deficits, Democrats may be lax adolescents, but Republicans are total babies.”

This is a description of our current day situation that well describes my sense and feeling about the political zeitgeist and cultural proclivities that make it all possible – too many of us are acting like children… whining babies determined to have our way come hell or high water, even if Rome burns in the process.
Sadly, I really get the impression that this kind of childishness in attitude and sometimes in behavior has infiltrated leadership levels within much of American Christianity, too, and within that which impacts my spiritual and religious existence the most – The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. I don’t get that impression from the new bishop of Long Island, and I am very thankful for it.