Notes for Fr. Cole’s Class

Links (and perhaps notes) for Fr. Roy Cole’s class at General Seminary:

Trinity Grace Church, NYC

– An example of younger generations and Emergent types that are acquiring and using the Book of Common Prayer. They are compelled by it, challenged through it, and strengthened for the Life in Christ within it even though they are disconnect from the Tradition of it, and even while many in this Church, the holders of the Book and the Tradition, are trying their best to eject it or run away from it. (Lectionary, Baptism, Daily Offices, sacramental/liturgical spirituality) Another example: L’Abri Spiritual Life Study Guide
– Report on the Barna Research Group’s study on attitudes of non-Christians and disaffected-Christian Americans on their attitudes of Christianity and the general Church in this country. We will always be a work in progress. (Society, ImagoDei @ St. Paul’s, The Red Hook Space
The Red Hook Space
– building a worshipful community that lives into the creative endeavor with God
ImagoDei Society
– An attempt to listen and re-frame the questions so that we might come to better answers and solutions for this Church to regain its foothold as the a people imprinted with the image of God (not issue or agenda driven, but relying upon the ancient Traditions and Christian Spiritual Disciplines experienced in new contexts)
The Residence
– The living-forming intentional community of people who commit for a time to give themselves to the ancient practices of Christian formation in the Anglican Tradition. (longer term goal is to provide a means of re-establishing full-time ministries/chaplaincies on American college and university campuses even when no or very limited diocesan funds are available.)