God’s Covenant – a big amen!

You’ve got to read this! All the crap we will be hearing over the next few days from the Anglican Communion’s Primates Meeting in Tanzania, and then this essay comes forth.
From: The Christian Century | Date: 1/9/2007 | Author: van Driel, Edwin Chr.
God’s covenant
“‘You did not choose me but I chose you’ (John 15:16). As a church we are called, formed, judged and renewed not by our own choices, but only by God.”

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Quotes: The work of theology

“Theology is not simply reiteration of what has been or is currently believed and practiced by a community of faith. It is a quest for truth, and that presupposes that the proclamation and practice of the community of faith are always in need of examination and reform. When this responsibility for critical reflection is neglected or relegated to a merely ornamental role the faith of the community is invariably threatened by shallowness, arrogance, or ossification. The upsurge in fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam in recent years may yet persuade even the cultured despisers of religion, for good or for ill, religious commitment continues to exercise immense influence on human life.”
Daniel Migliore, Faith Seeking Understanding