I do not know why we as a nation cannot learn that as a culture and as a nation that how we act elicits reactions. Perhaps it is just a minority that happens to be in power?
The ideals that cause so many people of the world to look to the United States for hope, for justice, for peace, for so many things, are being perverted, abused, squandered, and jettisoned for reasons of revenge and vindictive punishment. We are saying that we will force the world to accommodate us and abide by our desire. We seem to be bent on empire by force. This is nothing new, I know. Yet, there is a difference with this administration.
Some may claim that they and we as a nation will do anything to protect the United States and the American people. Why are our innocent civilians any more important or valuable than are innocent civilians in any other country – especially if we consider how God views us all? If what we do only causes more potential danger and more hatred among the world’s population for the United States, how are our actions and attitudes going to accomplish this goal of safety? Our actions work counter to our goals.
If our foreign and domestic policies continue on their current course, we may have short-term safety (even if only in our imaginations), but we will not have long-term peace or safety.
I cannot say they donÂ’t understand, because these are intelligent people. Yet, it seems they simply cannot see; they do not seem to understand. The crime, in my opinion, is that many of these same people claim Christ as their example – they attitudes, ideas, and actions are so contrary to the example and call of Christ that it is mind-boggling. The nation of the United States has become their idol.