I have been having a difficult time these past couple of days. Today isn’t so bad – just been working on finding a job. The thought of only a few short weeks left before I am out of seminary and having to support myself once again (aside from all the students loans that will come due), is trying. I’m in debt, have no care or home, nor any prospects for a ministry position. Things are very tight this year, at least for those just leaving seminary.
I have determined by some of my conversations during interviews that I may prefer to enter a parish setting as the deacon-in-charge. A little tougher, I suspect, but I think I could do a decent job in a smaller parish. Ideally, I would like to be in a university setting as a chaplain, but those positions are even fewer.
Yes, all the questions of whether this was a wise move, whether I’ve got what it takes, whether I can actually do this kind of stuff runs through my mind. I have a lot to offer, I know that. I especially have a lot to offer concerning evangelism (I’m not afraid or embarrassed by the concept or doing the work), the understanding of the Evangelical mindset (I predict many, many Evangelicals will be migrating to somewhere else as the Religious Right continues to politicize American Evangelicalism). I致e come into an understanding of catholic piety (which Anglicanism is well suited for younger generations who seek mystery, the ancient, and an allowance for questioning) and great appreciation for the daily offices. I am experienced with discipleship and Christian formation.
Anyone want to hire me? I know I can trust God, yet I’ve been a bit blue.