Someone said the other day that Ohio had the largest number of college/university campus in the country. I know we have a lot, but not the most. Here is how Ohio lines up with some of the other states:
Number of Campuses:
1. California – 399
2. New York – 312
3. Pennsylvania – 256
4. Texas – 201
5. Ohio – 179
6. Illinois – 175
Number of students:
1. California – 2,380,090 students
2. Texas – 1,076,678
3. New York – 1,056,794
4. Florida – 753,554
5. Illinois – 748,444
6. Pennsylvania – 630,299
7. Michigan – 585,998
8. Ohio – 569,223
(Chronical of Higher Education, 2004-2005 academic year)
There you go.

What? Where? When?

We are all in the fray. We are all scrambling to find jobs. I have a second interview for a church in Baltimore next week. Frankly, it is a great opportunity and the rector genuinely seems interested.
I have never had to navigate through this job search thing while also considering another person. It is hard to discern how to proceed, where to look, what to take seriously, etc., when I need to be thinking about Ashton’s ability to move, be, grow, etc., in the place I may go. How long will I need to be at this place before I know whether it could be a good place to stay, and then whether Ashton will want to or can move there, too?
I just don’t know how to do it.