New bishop

The five parishes in Ohio who were involved in the irregular confirmations a while back have now told our brand new bishop not to bother coming to their churches for his episcopal visit.
As I have said before, theologically my sympathies lie more the a conservative/traditionalist way of looking at things (with exceptions), but this kind of haughty arrogance and pride represent the worst of the Evangelical tradition, and which I thought I left behind when becoming an Anglican. While what happened in New Hampshire may have been a mistake, the way they are acting now is certainly not glorifying to God or becoming of Christians.
I think the AAC and the Network are using Ohio as a test diocese. What a shame because I believe both Grew and now Hollingsworth would have and are willing to come to an understanding and compromise. The five reactionary parishes will not allow for such a thing, and they are going to push the limits in Ohio to attempt to accomplish their scheme.

stop the madness

Okay, this just has to stop! On my flight home to Ohio for our new bishop’s consecration last weekend, there were two girls on the flight – high school or early college age, I suspect. Both were trying to do the Paris Hilton and sister bit. One had very low-riding jeans with a cloth belt that included thingies that hung down from the belt. Her only problem was that she was probably 100 pounds heavier than Paris Hilton. Tanned? Yes. Bleached? Yes. Mid-drift shirt? Yes. Flab hanging over her belt? Yes. Crack showing? More times than I wanted to count. She was on my return flight, also. Same thing. STOP THE MADNESS!
Then, jogging down the Hudson parkway last Sunday, there was a young guy and I suspect his girlfriend sitting on a bench over looking the river. The girl, yes with low-rise jeans, was exposing several inches of her crack – not just the tippy-top mind you, but inches! Of course, the current fashion of having a thong on and having the top portion of the thong exposed while the jeans ride down most of you butt was not her goal, it seems. From what was showing, she had no thong, period. Uggggghhhhhh.