Quandry on Easter Day

Happy Easter! The Lord has risen, Alleluia!
Here is my quandary: I agree with both of these men!
(I got this from Kendall Harmon’s weblog (Titusonenine). Kendall Harmon is the Canon Theologian for the Diocese of South Carolina and a leader in the AAC (American Anglican Council).)
I don’t think I am double-minded. Zabriskie makes the good point concerning Anglicanism and the tradition of wrestling with issues and theologies, which I think overall brings balance. Allison also makes good points about holding to truth and that decisions of what the Truth is must be made.
Since learning about the Via Media of Anglicanism, I have always maintained that even the sometimes contradictory theological beliefs held by Anglicans can be positive as God’s Church attempts to better discern God’s Truth and will. I have also seen in others the strong belief in God and desire to do God’s will even though their theological perspectives and lives lived may not be in line with what I think is correct or right. I cannot deny that they seek God and that God is with them and in them, as demonstrated by their verbal acclimation of God, their testimony, and the fruits of their lives. It really is a matter, I believe, of their heart and their intent rather that what they do or believe at any given moment. God’s grace is sufficient, and we all are mistaken and make mistakes always. I do not presume to be God nor God’s vessel for judgment (that is Christ, alone).
So, here I am. I believe with many of the conservatives and Wesley that there needs to be that internal witness of salvation – I am not a Universalist. I believe there are those who hold heretical beliefs, yet they seek Christ – truly. What to do… Calling people to Jesus is the simplest way to respond. Calling people to deepen their devotion to and relationship with God is the way forward, I believe, without playing God, judge, and jury concerning whether their lives with Christ, as Christians, are authentic or not. Complete abandon with and to God is the call – to love God with our whole selves and to love one another as Christ loved us. Theological perspectives and doctrines change always, relationship with God remains the steady and true.
Anyway, here are the letters that prompted all this:

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