New bishop

The five parishes in Ohio who were involved in the irregular confirmations a while back have now told our brand new bishop not to bother coming to their churches for his episcopal visit.
As I have said before, theologically my sympathies lie more the a conservative/traditionalist way of looking at things (with exceptions), but this kind of haughty arrogance and pride represent the worst of the Evangelical tradition, and which I thought I left behind when becoming an Anglican. While what happened in New Hampshire may have been a mistake, the way they are acting now is certainly not glorifying to God or becoming of Christians.
I think the AAC and the Network are using Ohio as a test diocese. What a shame because I believe both Grew and now Hollingsworth would have and are willing to come to an understanding and compromise. The five reactionary parishes will not allow for such a thing, and they are going to push the limits in Ohio to attempt to accomplish their scheme.

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