As I’ve read a number

As I’ve read a number of other people’s journals, websites, especially those with cams, I’m struck how many of them while having full lives say they are a bit challenged in the relationship department. Something along the lines of, “I’ve given up on the idea of having a relationship – too busy, too insecure, just don’t seem to fit….” A number of them have also said something like, “after all, I don’t know who would be really comfortable with the website.”
I’m wondering whether the weblog phenomena, personal websites and cams, on-line journals, etc., are all an attempt by many to fulfill the very real human need of knowing and being known. Rather then being honest and vulnerable with a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, they instead pour themselves into their websites, their virtual selves, in order to be known.
I wonder about this myself. Even though I have high-sounding reasons for trying to be open and honest in a public venue for the sake of others who may struggle with various things, I wonder whether this is an attempt to have others understand me – to know me.
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