Since this morning, those of

Since this morning, those of us rooming together at General are now saying a bit about ourselves – intro type stuff. So, here is what I wrote as an introduction of myself. Pretty general, but hey…
Since Roy began the intro process and I neglected to in my last e-mail, I will add my two cents here:
I grew up in a small town in Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie. I currently live in Akron, OH and work at Kent State University as a techno-geek – although I think of myself as one of the cool-geeks. 🙂 I was supposed to begin seminary last year, but had a cancer scare and had to put everything off at the last minute. Anyway…
I grew up Pentecostal (Foursquare Gospel Church). Upon graduating from college I spent 7 years in campus ministry with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowships (Assemblies of God) in Ohio and Germany. I taught high school for one year. In ’94 I finished my graduate work in Higher Ed./College Student Development and became an Episcopalian. The past few years have been quite interesting for me spiritually.
I’m a neat person, although I can be a bit cluttered. I’m pretty laid back, although quite fidgety. I’m definitely a morning person (I’m usually just wake-up by 5:30 am or so – my best studying time is early in the morning). I think that will help in trying to schedule bathroom time. I try to be in bed by 10:30 pm. I love to get into discussions (which my Mom calls raging disagreements) about all kinds of things. I tend to play the devils-advocate. Sometimes, people get the wrong idea and think I’m getting mad, but really I’m just animated (mildly so – my Mom is just a little over sensitive). My spiritual/academic interests revolve around faith-development, young people, and technology. Where those three things intersect is where I want to be.
I have a website, but am hesitant to give it out because you guys would know a heck of a lot more about me then I know of you all. I think I would rather you meet me in person first. I have a proposal for you all concerning the website! I love sci-fi (even the bad stuff), all kinds of music, movies, travel, just walking around and discovering new places, eating new kinds of food, working-out, jogging. I am pretty adventurous.
I’m Anglo-Saxon with a good amount of Cherokee thrown in for good measure, 5’10”, in good shape, normal stuff. I plan on moving in NYC August 17th.

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Well, General sent my housing

Well, General sent my housing stuff to my parents. Why? Who the heck knows. Anyway, I got an e-mail this morning from one of my future roommates. That’s cool! I’m excited about this.
Man, has it been hot. It’s not just the heat, but the dang humidity that’s the killer. I actually broke down and put my tiny air-conditioner in the front window. It isn’t really big enough to cool the place effectively, but enough to take off the edge and keep the humidity down. When it doesn’t get below 80 degrees at night, even a cool basement doesn’t stay too cool any longer.
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