There is a letter to

There is a letter to the editor in the “West Side Leader” I received two days ago. The West Side Leader is a weekly newspaper devoted to the neighborhoods and suburbs of western Akron, OH. From this letter to the editor, I gather there must have been a serious of letters concerning Intelligent Design and Evolution. There has been a lot of debate at the state level as the Education Dept. sets new science education standards statewide. (The panel recently rejected inclusion of Intelligent Design in the state science standards. The pro-Intelligent Design group will appeal.)
I was so disappointed and embarrassed as I read the letter. A Christian man from Bath, a very wealthy suburb with much higher then average education levels, should have done better. This type of thinking only reinforces absolutely all the negative stereotypes many thinking people have of conservative Christians. The letter only reinforces the notion that Christians will put aside intellectual inquiry and scientific facts for mythology and wishful thinking. Regardless how the world came into being, this way of thinking saddens me. I feel for him and accuse the pastors and teachers under whose influence he places himself. How deep is his “faith”? How much mental gymnastics does he have to employ to buttress his “faith”? Is this really a prime example of dualistic thinking? If you believe in a 7 literal day creation, so be it, but at least be informed about your belief. Blind faith will us no where.
Here is the letter:
To the Editor:
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution discussions have filled the West Side Leader during the pasta few weeks, and I want to ‘jump-in’ with my comment on the matter.
I have been taught from early childhood that my God created the heavens and everything there is.
I have accepted that on faith and managed to make it through the educational system without losing that faith (he also made it through an educational system that did not teach him to think, and that has nothing to do with his belief in creationism! – me) in the ability of God to be the creator of this entire universe.
It is just too bad that there are those who cannot see clearly the logic of a creator – the evidence to me is overwhelming that this is the only belief system one should adopt and believe.
When my God created the stars, he did so with light-years already build into them. (Why would God need to do this? If the universe is young, it is young. Why would God need to make them *seem* like they are billions of years old through the process of light traveling light-years? – me) When my God created trees, he did so with the growth rings already there. When my God created Adam, he was already a man – perhaps 30 years of age.
When my God created the planet Earth, he did so with age already built into the rocks. (Why do this? Its just justification. -me)
The diversity and greatness of this universe and all the little tiny buys, microbes, and yes, even man himself, is a testimony enough for me that there is a God.
My comment to those who believe otherwise: I feel sorry for you if you believe the evolution myth – you have nothing to look forward to when you die. Your life must really be miserable.
I believe the Bible and Genesis, 1:1/ I hope in my life.”
– David Strong, Bath
I am glad that he has a belief system that provides structure and meaning — everyone has one. I wish his faith where based on something not so easily threatened, a faith not so weak or shallow – at least it seems that way. I’m not sure what goes on inside him emotionally or intellectually, but he stands on a weak foundation. I thought he might be young, but then maybe he is quite old. I don’t know. I hope his faith will mature into something not based on blind-faith in a system that can’t stand up to scrutiny. If God and Christianity cannot stand up to scrutiny, then it can’t be true and I want nothing to do with it.
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