I have been out of

I have been out of sorts lately when attempting to write. I feel all motivated and everything, but then when I actually sit down to write either here or in my journal — nothing. Just this really blah, yucky feeling, and I just don’t know why. My brain is so full of all these jumbled thoughts that I need to get them out in some fashion, but….nothing comes. I think I may be on the cusp of a bunch of stuff coming together and coalescing into something that actually looks like an intelligent opinion on something, but when — when I say?
I had dinner with Amy and Russ yesterday evening. I worked out and planned on ordering a pizza via my cell-phone, then pick it up on my way home. Well, I waited too long and couldn’t get the pizza and get home before Amy and Russ showed up before the pizza was ready. We watched a video on THE subject once again. I had a few lucid moments in-between snoozing. The conversation afterwards was great — I almost got a moment of inspiration, but I got all jumbled up. One of these days, and I hope soon, it is all going to come spilling out and actually be cogent. Go figure….
I’m writing now more as an attempt to break the log-jam that’s inhabiting my brain then for any particular reason. I need to just discipline myself to write, if that’s what this may be called, about something regularly to keep in practice and to I hope develop inspiration. But, as is always the case, reading stuff like this becomes tedious. Writing it, too….