Attempt Fail

So, I tried upgrading to the newest version of Movable Type yesterday – all day yesterday. I failed. As the upgrade process when along, which really was only the beginning, my database was updated successfully, but then I had to press a button that redirected me back to Movable Type. When I did, I received a “404” error message. file “… mt.cgi not found…” or something like that. The upgrade program doesn’t see the file, for some reason, even thought the file is there.
Checked all the access rights for the cgi files. Checked access rights for the folders. Checked that file was, in fact, present. Why? This gets frustrating when everything looks as if it should work, but doesn’t.
I successfully installed a new clean version for another blog, and the interface for the new version is great.
Now, my whole self-identity is shot. I’m a failure. What’s the point of ever trying anything new, again? Just kidding, although spending a whole day on this is frustrating. I got to kind of watch while doing several movies, however. “Mars Attacks” which I love; “NightDayNightDay,” which was distubing; “Righteous Kil, which was good; part of “Matrix” – I had to go for a run at that point; and finally “Harry Potter and something-or-another.” I fell asleep.