Brokeback Mountain – 3

I saw the movie for a second time. It is better the second time around – you pick up on small things that were easily missed the first time around.
I knew this movie would affect me, and it has. It is hard thinking of lost opportunities and struggles. There has not been a day in my adult life that I have not struggled with this whole issue. What could life have been like? If I had made a single different decision, how could my life have been different? Better? Perhaps not. Who knows? If that first person, of whom I am reminded poignantly by this movie and Ennis in particular, and I could have continued… Most of my angst is written in my paper-n-pen journal – thank God for that!
I’ve been reading newspaper articles about the movie, particularly from mid-western, western, and southern papers. It seems that only the Religious Right organizations are down on the movie, which is expected. The review from seems to sum up the attitude of many people not residing in the largest metropolitan areas.