What Happened?

Whatever happened to the concept of the “loyal opposition?” It seems to have collapsed under the political polarization that has overtaken our government over the last twenty years. Now, polarization has overtaken our Church. The loudest of us can no longer countenance anyone who disagrees with our particular theological perspective or vain of Scriptural interpretation. Heck, even the strict Evangelical Calvinists and Arminians can put up with one another without calling the other “heretic” or “blasphemer” or casting the other out of the Church (for the most part). Why can we no longer tolerate one another? Pride, I submit.
In a similar way that many consider Fascists and Communists of the same ilk, but from different perspectives, I came to see long ago segments of the religious “conservatives” and “liberals” as being of the same ilk, just from different perspectives. They are Anglican-fundamentalists beholden to extremism within their ideological and theological perspectives. Not much different than the political conservatives and liberals – ideological-fundamentalists. Gee, the Church looks a whole lot like the world, doesn’t it. The worst-of-us has invaded both relms.
Despite it all, despite what happens, I will maintain a middle-way whether it is popular, convenient, or tenable. Jesus’ way tended to be a third-way. That is the way I seek. In theology, I might call myself a Reformed-Catholic (an Anglican). In politics, a progressive-conservative (perhaps somewhat libertarian by default). Frankly, I would rather avoid labels all together, but that is impossible. I would rather be confounding.