It’s about Truth

You know, when it all comes down to the ground, this issue for me is no longer about homosexuality per-se, but it is about Truth, and it is about our own human arrogance, and about following the model of Christ, and about the whole phenomena of forcing Scripture to conform to our own proclivities. Too much of the Fundamentalist Church (and many Evangelicals) finds itself rejecting anything that challenges what they WANT Scripture to say – what they WANT Scripture to bless or condemn.
Here is a commentary written by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., who “serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world.” He will argue that if we accept homosexuality we MUST reject most everything about Scripture and most everything held true by the Church. This is a ludicrous belief.
Here are a couple paragraphs:
“Put bluntly, if the claims put forward by the Homosexual Movement are true, the entire system of the Christian faith is compromised, and some essential truths will fall.
Lest this be seen as an overstatement, consider the issue of biblical authority and inspiration. If the claims of revisionist exegetes are valid, then the very notions of verbal inspiration and biblical inerrancy are invalidated. But the challenge is yet deeper, for if, as the revisionist interpreters claim, Holy Scripture can be so wrong and misdirected on this issue (to which it speaks so unambiguously), the evangelical paradigm of biblical authority cannot stand.”

Read it all.
What he fails to understand is that WE can be wrong and misdirected in our attempts to interpret and apply Holy Scripture. Just because exegetes, theologians, pastors, regular ole’ lay people, UNDERSTAND parts of scripture differently does not impinge upon inspiration or validity of the Scriptures one iota! Who are and who are not the true Christians between those who understand Scripture to support Calvinism or those who understand Scripture to support Arminianism? Are we going there, still?
Was Scripture proven wrong when most Christians came to believe with Galileo in The Copernican Model of the solar system? The Vatican declared Galileo a heretic because he believed the earth revolved around the sun. This was a belief that contradicted “Biblical Truth” as the Church understood it from the beginning of the Church! Scripture was not proven wrong, but OUR understanding and application of Scripture was proven wrong.
This guy, and those who steadfastly follow this line of thinking, believe that we have all the wisdom and understanding we need right now, right now during the beginning of the 21st century, to competently and fully understand God, God’s ways, and Holy Scripture. How arrogant and profoundly prideful! I guess we know all things at this point, huh?
I am convinced that they do not really want to know Truth, but want to find justification and consolation for what they WANT to be truth.

A False Assumption

“If you are truly humble, you will always be ready to seek (and accept!) help from others. The present genteel, self-loving brand of piety assumes, ‘I don’t need anybody; I can set things right with God myself.’ But as long as you quietly try to work out your own salvation, you won’t get anywhere. Only when you recognize your need for others and reach out and open up to them will things move forward.”
J. C. Blumhardt
Source: J. C. B., in Friedrich Zuendel, “The Awakening”
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