Episcopal Squirrels

My friend John sent me a link to another weblog containing this joke. So true, but by the grace of God hopefully not for much longer!
Episcopal Squirrels
A joke I’ve seen several places on the internet . . .
Three churches in a small town found that their church buildings had become over-run with squirrels.
The Presbyterian church decided that it was pre-destined that the squirrels would be there and therefore left the squirrels to their own devices.
The Unitarian church decided the best measure was to humanely trap the squirrels and take them to a nice place in the woods. Naturally the squirrels returned three days later.
The Episcopal church decided to have the squirrels baptized and confirmed. Now the squirrels only come to church on Christmas and Easter.
I suspect that a certain segment of Pentecostals/Charismatics would rebuke the demon of squrrel infestation and cast them out into utter darkness.