Katrina’s Aftermath

There is not much I can say. We have all seen the devastation. My cousin, Sonja, and I grew up together and she and her family live in New Orleans – actually Coventry on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. She breeds horses. The sustained winds were 130 mph during the hurricane. They all traveled 40 miles inland to my uncle’s place, her father’s.
After the hurricane passed, she was able to get to her house and found that all the horses had made it through, which seems remarkable to me. My uncle’s house sustained no primary damage, although a huge oak tree fell across the swimming pool. Actually, and the huge oaks in his yard fell. He was told not to expect electricity for another month, and while they have generators they have to travel 40 miles to get gasoline at this point.
If anyone is considering donations for victim relief, please consider giving to Episcopal Relief and Development. They are a very effective organization that works with local people and groups. Your money will be wisely spent.