ignite sounds like a very interesting idea. What is it? From its website: “Ignite is the Short Film Festival which brings out Big Truths through Short Films.” Australia is its home.
It seems that there is no specific theological bent that has to be adhered to, just as long as one stays within the theme and relies upon a biblical passage for inspiration. I suspect that if something like this were held in the U.S. and if sponsored by Religious Right organizations, all films would have to pass by censors for “right belief” and theological “purity.”
It would be terrible if one of the shorts came out against the war in Iraq, or supported claims of global warming, socialism, the poor, or God forbid the equal treatment under the law of gay people. I知 being cynical, of course, but I do wonder whether a film festival like this could be presented in the U.S. as purely a celebration of film and art using themes drawn from the Bible, or whether there would have to be a conservative social or an evangelistic agenda behind them all.