Me in Latin

I have to submit information for graduate, already! The GTS diploma is amazaing and spectacular – all still roll-printed by hand and in Latin from nearly 200 year old plates.
So, we can have our first and middle names printed in English or Latin. What the heck, why not Latin!
Rovertum Leonem Griffith, Jr.
Robert: is an English name meaning “bright fame.” From Old German meaning “bright famous one.”
Leon: Greek form of Leo (Latin) meaning “lion.”
Griffith: is the Anglicanized form of the Welsh name “GRUFFYDD.” From Old Welsh “Grippiud.” The second element of the name derives from Welsh iud “lord, prince” but the first element is unknown. Gruffydd ap (son of) Llywelyn was a Welsh ruler who fought against England in the 11th century but was eventually defeated.
So, I am really Bright Famous Lion Prince, Jr. Or, something like that.
That’s kind-a fun. I cannot believe nearly three years have passed.