So, my dad is staying

So, my dad is staying out on Long Island for business. He was in the city yesterday for a number of meetings and we planned on going to dinner. He swung by the seminary and picked me up – I was going to show him were to park. As we are going west on 19th St., here was this open spot close to 10th Ave. There were lots of other cars parked on that area of the street, so why not. There was a no parking between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm sign; we parked at 5:15 pm. He thought it didn’t really matter whether he got a ticket or not because the car was a rental and he lives in Ohio. We walked to a nice Japanese restaurant on 8th, where he insisted on buying me sushi. You know, it was actually pretty good! Anyway, we walk back to get the car, and no car. “Am I sure we parked on 19th,” I asked myself. No car whatsoever. It had either been stolen or towed. A guy was going into the apartment building on the part of the street where we parked, so I asked him whether they generally towed cars, and he said not generally.
Called the police. They said call the tow pound. Call the tow pound, and yup, they had the car. Actually, the whole process of getting his car back wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. It cost $185.00, but for him it was much better then having the car stolen – all of his business stuff was in the car! We – roommates, Ashton, etc. – came to the conclusion that because the rental car had Pennsylvania plates, the police figured that the driver wouldn’t pay the parking ticket, so why not tow him and get the money one way or another. Ashton was saying that if he had NY tags, a ticket was probably all he would have gotten. Who knows?
We had some evening last night. I wanted him to give my mom a good report about where I was living, etc., but then to have his car stolen, rental or not, would have caused my mom to worry about me even more.
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