Oh, did I mention we

Oh, did I mention we have/had mice? Not rates, mind you, but mice. When I came home from Ohio on Tuesday with Ashton, I was in the kitchen and saw a mouse run over the counter and stove and then escape behind the oven. Roy and Nick said they saw a mouse run between Jason’s room and the kitchen. Ashton and I both saw the creature two more times that day. We set traps, and of course the mouse simply took the cheese. These New York City mice, man. Mice, not RATS! Anyway, none of us have seen one since. The exterminator came our on Thursday and set traps all over the place – he put peanut butter on the conventional traps. Nothing. I haven’t as much heard rustling. Where in the heck did the mouse/mice go?
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I finally mailed my CPE

I finally mailed my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) application stuff for summer. I received an e-mail from the Registrar of the HealthCare Chaplaincies in NYC saying that I need to get it in very soon because most of the programs are already full. I pray and hope that I can secure a slot, if not, I’m not sure what would happen with this summer. I can do CPE next summer, but normally that is reserved for field placement experiences. Nick just got his in and Roy is still in process. As Alon said, since 9/11, NYC is the hot place to do CPE experiences, and there are fewer programs this year than in the past. This has just been another few days of anxiously trying to get work finished not as well as I would have liked and under an ominous deadline.
Only two weeks off rather then three before classes begin again. That’s fine, really, although I am not going to get done nearly as much as I would have liked. Ashton wants to spend as much time together as possible before classes begin, at which point my time is just limited! He wants to spend a LOT of time together. It isn’t a bad thing, it just means I get less accomplished.
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