Split Ends…

“A church split builds self-righteousness into the fabric of every new
splinter group., whose only reason for existence is that they decide
they are more moral and pure than other brethren. This explains my
childhood, and perhaps a lot about America, too.

“The United
States is a country with a national character of a newly formed church
splinter group. This is not surprising. Our country started as a church
splinter group. The Puritans left England because they believed they were
more enlightened than members of the Church of England, and they were
eager to form a perfect earthly community following a pure theology. They also had every intention of some day returning to England, once
they had proved that something close to heaven on earth could work, and
reforming their “heretical” fellow citizens.

“America still sees
itself as essential and as destiny’s instrument. And each splinter group
within our culture – left, right, conservative, liberal, religious,
secular – sees itself as morally, even “theologically,” superior to
it’s rivals. It is not just about politics. It is about being better
than one’s evil opponent. We don’t just disagree, we demonize the
‘other.’ And we don’t compromise.”

Frank Schaeffer, “Crazy for God;” pp