American Kids Immersed in Chinese, Asian Education – The Daily Beast

Here is an interesting article in Newsweek – “How To Raise a Global Kid” (now found on The Daily Beast website) concerning what parents who can afford such things are doing with their children and their kid’s education to make sure that they are more than adequately prepared for the future.  With Asia in the ascendence and the West, including the USA, in the process of decline, if not crumbling, they see the necessity in educating their children to be “global kids.”

First of all, among those who are considered “movers and shakers” outside of our crass political spheres there is the recognition that the West – Europe and the USA as the predominate entities – will not be able to resurrect out of our decline.  Therefore, was people enmeshed in the “world economy” and of means, they are assuring a global oligarchy that extends beyond geo-political boundaries.  What does this foretell concerning the vast majority of young people and their education in U.S. schools?  What does this foretell concerning the U.S.’s ability to actually solve the fundamental and profound problems we are facing (let alone the E.U. Euro and debt issues)?

While I sincerely hope that we are able to squarely face our problems, right now I sadly doubt we have the will within our collective minds and believe that we no longer have politicians who will make the very tough decisions to avoid collapse of our derived “empire.”  Worryingly, I think we have to hit bottom before anything is truly done.

This bodes not well for emerging generations.  Those who have the means and who have parents savvy enough to know what is going on in the broad, world scheme will come through as “global kids” who will inhabit the global oligarchy. That means the center of power will no longer be the West. I don’t want this to be fear-mongering, but I just don’t see the leadership necessary to deal with the issues.