The New Black

I posted an observation on Facebook early in the spring and asked whether “Pink” had become the new “Black” for guys in New York City. I didn’t really get much of a response.
Well, last week my question was answered. One day last week, from the subway to my office (a block and a half), going out to eat lunch in the area (around 75 minutes), and walking back to the subway after work I counted 12 guys in pink shirts – t-shires, Polo’s, Oxfords, and dress-shirts – 4 guys in pink ties, and one guy with muted pink lipstick (it is New York, after all).
So, I will declare that “Pink” has become the new “Black” (as much as that really means anything at all) for guys in New York. After all, “real men wear pink.” That, of course, was conjured up by some die manufacturer that had an overabundance of red die, I suppose.