What Religion? Jesus Loves You?

I just came across these YouTube videos be “somegreyguy.”
The first considers what religion might be best to follow. As “somegreyguy” wrote on YouTube, “I’m getting older every day, and therefore closer to being dead, so I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to start sorting out my afterlife.” We hear all the time that when young couples have a baby, suddenly everything changes and there are considerations that they didn’t dwell on before, often resulting in a return to the Church. I wonder how many Baby-Boomer types as they approach the reality of their mortality will begin considering their own state with reference to the “afterlife.” After all, even Ted Turner now has a more positive regard for religion generally and Christianity specifically (and that is certainly a change!).
Here is the first video entitled: “Choosing My Religion”

Now, the second video takes up from the first (it seems). Someone did contact him about a religion to consider, and Christianity was (is) that religion. I sometimes try to put myself into the state of mind and cultural awareness of those who are unchurched or who have had a very negative experience with the Church or Christians. I try to see from the prevailing culture what they may see. This isn’t easy because I grew up within various segments of the Christian sub-culture in the United States (and a little bit in Europe – Germany more specifically and England by default).
This next video, I think, is a good representation of the perception many people have of Christianity in America – really come from the politicized Religious Right form of Evangelical-Fundamentalism and Roman Catholicism. For those who actually consider what is being said, I think there is a good bit of perplexity about what is claimed to be true and necessary by Christians and why.
Here is the video, entitled: “Jesus Loves You.”