Even more troubles…

Since I’ve been so distracted by personal issues this past month-and-a-half, I haven’t really been following very closely the goings on within the world of troubled Anglicanism, and particularly the Episcopal Church USA.
So, since I finished my work this day before Christmas vacation and don’t have time to start something new, I decided to read through the normal blogs and websites. There are several articles from Church related sites and newspaper articles on what is going on in the Diocese of Virginia, et cetera.
Here is an article from the Falls Church (Virginia) News-Press on CANA (Convocation of Anglicans in North America – missionary convocation of the Anglican Church of Nigeria) and the problems that are developing within it concerning issues over the ordination of women. The AMiA (Anglican Mission in America – the Anglican Church of Rwanda group) last year had to submit to the Rwandan House of Bishops in their decision to restrict the priesthood to men, even thought the AMiA already had women priests. The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has not yet decided officially on the issue of woman’s ordination, but they only ordain women to the Order of Deacons (or deaconesses).
This is a serious issue among the rebellious groups campaigning against and trying to leave the Episcopal Church. A large group of them do not believe that women can rightly be ordained, period. There has always been talk about an allowance of difference between the two sides as they fight together against their common enemy, the Episcopal Church USA. Now, with the schism going full-speed ahead these issues will no longer be papered over, and I predict (not much prediction needed) that there will be continued troubles within the break-away groups and structures. Shangri-La these new churches will not be.
Anyway, here is the Falls Church News-Press article.