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From the Guardian Unlimited (UK), this commentary by Andrew Brown entitled, “The end of communion,” concerning the Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s installation of a Nigerian “missionary Bishop” in Virginia this past week. An interesting read, but from a particular point of view:

For most of the past four years, almost all the energies of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, have been devoted to holding the Anglican communion together in the face of the American civil war. Make no mistake – the supposed worldwide row over homosexuality would never have happened without conservative American money and energy.
and this
The rest of the churches which once constituted the Anglican communion will now have to choose whether they want to belong to any international body at all, and if so, who will head it. Here it seems that Dr Williams may have played a subtle game, because Dr Akinola’s ambition has repelled a great many of his potential supporters.

The Anglican-Episcopal Literacy Quiz:
Of course, this quiz is a bit biased, but bias does not negate truth, at least in most circumstances.
Anglican-Episcopal Literacy Quiz on The Episcopal Majority.
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