oops, I forgot..

So, I’m at the Sursum Corda. I get through the first two statements thinking that I really need to do something more constructive with my hands. The congregation responds and it’s my turn once again to say the concluding sentence. You know, the one that does something like this, “Let us give thanks unto our Lord God.”
Oops. What am I supposed to say here? As I stand there facing everyone, arms extended, going through my mind is something like this: “Giving. Doesn’t it have something to do with giving?” Fr. Cullen, acting as my deacon, is standing beside me whispering, “give…give…give…” Okay, so after a VERY long pause, I remember and sing something. Was it right? I have no clue but began “Let us give thanks…”
I am very glad that this congregation is very forgiving! Of course, I had no book in front of me. I have never needed one. Perhaps, it is smart to always have a book ready for just such occurrences. Do ya think?
Things were a bit different since we did the Great Litany procession rather than the normal beginning of Mass. Perhaps that threw me, although I doubt it. I just forgot. I remembered with no problem the long “The Gifts of God for the people of God, taken them….” with no problem. Thank goodness. And, my chanting wasn’t half bad.


Just for the heck of it, I’m going to attempt to keep a list of all those religious organizations that contain in their title “Anglican” or perhaps “Episcopal,” if in fact that group lays claim to an Anglican perspective. This list will not include provinces in communion with the See of Canterbury.
This group sometimes looks as strange as all those organizations that claim some sort of relationship with the Old Catholic Churches (aside from the Union of Utrecht).
Never mind, just go to the Anglicans Online list.
I love the “No way APA” website protesting the upcoming merger of the Reformed Episcopal Church with the Anglican Province in America because of the APA’s “Catholic” ways.